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* Wando House Block - 8,156.5 Ha (Approximately 20,146 acres) * Additional Area - 4,002 Ha (Approximately 9,890 acres)

‘Wando Station’ – Winton

Property Size

Wando House Block - 8,156.5 Ha (Approximately 20,146 Acres) * Additional Area - 4,002 Ha (Approximately 9,890 Acres)




Location: The Wando homestead is located approximately 50km south-east of Winton with 32km of  bitumen and 18km of well-maintained, council access – unsealed road. The access road is approximately 148km north-west of Longreach and the unsealed Winton to Eskdale road runs along the northern boundary of the Wando house block.

Wando is very well positioned as a breeding, backgrounding or fattening property for cattle, sheep or goats with good access to the live export cattle markets through Townsville or Cloncurry as well as the meatworks, feedlots and the store selling centres to the south.    Wando is in a tick free area.

The Wando additional area is located opposite the Crawford Creek rest area on the Landsborough Highway. It is approximately 45km from Winton and 135km from Longreach. This additional area is approximately 6.5km from the south-west  corner of the Wando house block with a neighbour’s two paddocks in between.

Facilities / Services:  The Wando house block has rural power, internet and landline telephone service. Full mobile service is available throughout the Wando house block and the Wando additional area.  Winton has the usual rural shopping, schools, government agency, hospital and cattle yards with weighing and rail trucking facilities. There is a twice weekly commercial air service from   Winton to Townsville and Brisbane, along with a daily bus service from Winton. Wando has a well maintained 1000 metre air-strip on the property.

Rainfall: 414 mm or 16.5 inch long term Winton district average. Wando is enjoying a very good start to the 2023 summer season rainfall, following on from a very good 2022 season when it received 633mm of rain.

Area and Tenure:

House Block – Lot 8 G24931 – Freehold – 8,156.5 Ha (approximately 20,146 Ac)

The use of the stock route is an additional area of approximately 960 Ha (2,372 Ac)

Additional Area – Lot 6 AE118 – Freehold – 4,002 Ha (approximately 9,890 Ac)

Local Government: Winton Shire Council

Rates: $7,324.79 Half Yearly

Country: Wando and the additional area have a very good mix of high quality chocolate and grey pebbly soils interspersed with many small creek systems adding to the diversity and balance of the pasture. The lighter carrying sweet, quick responding creek flats balance out the heavy carrying Mitchell grass open downs with areas of soft Flinders grass downs that grow excellent winter herbage when in season. The northern end of the Wando house block is   undulating with numerous small gullies running out onto large heavy carrying Mitchell grass flats.

The native timber is mostly light stands of Whitewood and Vinetree with Coolibah trees along the many creek systems. Approximately 50% of the Wando house block has a medium to heavy infestation of Prickly Acacia with the balance of the house block and the additional area having very little; therefore the Prickly Acacia in these two areas will be very easy to eradicate. 100% of the property is usable, productive, low cost and high weight gain producing country.

There is a good spread of Buffel grass along the creek systems and amongst Vinetree/Whitewood ridges. Button grass, pigweed and other summer herbages are mostly growing on the claypan flats out from the creek channels.

Waters: Wando is very well watered with 7 dams, small seasonal waterholes in the creek following rainfall and part ownership in two equipped share bores.  Wando has a quarter share ownership in the Violet Bore which is located on the adjoining stock route. It was drilled to a depth of 961 metres in 1985 and is jointly owned by four neighbouring properties. The water from this bore is pumped into a large turkey nest at the bore (the pump electricity account is shared four ways) and then gravity fed through approximately 21 km of 1.5” poly pipe to 22 troughs, 4 tanks and 3 turkey nests. The water from this bore services every paddock on the Wando house block as well as  supplying water to the woolshed, sheep yards, cattle yards and the homestead. There is an approximate 35 metre fall from the Violet bore to the Wando homestead, therefore the water gravity feeds downhill to all   water points.  There is a pump set up at the bore to supplement flow if required.

The quality of the bore water is very good but is not used for human consumption as it goes through turkey nests before getting to house. Bore water is used at the house for washing,  bathing and general use. There are two rainwater tanks at the homestead for drinking water.

The homestead garden is watered by dam water pumped by windmill from the house dam and there is a pump set-up installed to help when there isn’t enough wind. There is a 1.5” poly pipe from the Durham dam to the pipeline at the House dam that can supply dam water to the homestead garden when the house dam is dry. There is an additional 63mm pipeline running between the waterholes in Oondooroo creek to the house dam pumping station. The pump at the pump station fills the house dam in times of a good flow in the outside channel.  This channel has a great catch and has run every year for the past 43 years  except 1990. A small windmill at Durham dam can supply water to the house dam via 1.5” poly pipe to keep the house dam topped up if necessary.

The Wando additional area has a quarter share in the Vindex Bore that is located on the adjoining stock route. It was drilled to a depth of 1051 metres in 1985 and is jointly owned  by four neighbouring properties. Electricity costs are shared six ways and include the Main Roads Department who use water for the Crawford Creek rest area and the Winton Shire Council who use water for the stock route facilities.

Water from this bore is pumped into a large turkey nests and is then gravity fed through approximately 10 km of 1.5” poly pipe to 5 troughs, 3 turkey nest and 1 tank at the cattle yards. There is another 6.5 km of 2” poly pipe running from the Vindex bore to one trough. Wando owns one pump that pushes water from the Vindex Bore storage nest to the turkey nest located in Newlands paddock on the additional area.

There is an additional 1.7 km of the Mains Road Department owned poly pipe supplying excess water to the Crawford Creek rest area. There is one dam and a large freshly desilted Billabong on the additional area to back up the bore water supply. There is a fall of approximately 20 metres from the Vindex bore to the furthest water point.

Fencing: Both the Wando house block and the additional area are well fenced and there will be very little need to replace any of the existing fencing in the near future, apart from a section of boundary fence with Fairymead that is expected to be replaced prior to settlement. The internal fencing on both blocks is in good to very good stock proof condition and is dual purpose sheep/cattle fencing with one paddock securely fenced to keep domestic goats behind wire.

The majority of the Wando house block is ringlock with 1 barb while most of the internal fencing is 5 plain wires and 1 barb. The fencing on the Wando additional area is either 5 plain and 1 barb or 4 plain and 2 barb. There are 8 main paddocks and 5 holding paddocks on the Wando house block with 2 large paddocks on the additional area.

Yards & Woolshed: The cattle yards at the Wando homestead are a mixture of portable steel panels and steel permanent yards that are in very good condition. They are set up with 2 water troughs, race with vet crush, branding cradle and a very well shaded 4-way pound draft and working area.

The cattle yards at the additional area are mostly steel portable panels with a permanent steel yard for the 5-way pound draft. The yards have a water trough, race with vet crush and calf branding cradle. There is a tank at the yards and petrol motor pump to water the yards when required.

There is plenty of room to work large mobs of sheep in the sheep yards, which are in very good condition and complete with draft, loading ramp and an undercover raised classing race. There are 7 large wire holding yards and at least 8 permanent steel and mesh working yards as well as the drafting count out pens. There is a frame where a tarpaulin can cover the lamb marking working area. Bore water is laid to an overhead tank where a pump is located that is used to water the yards.

The six-stand woolshed is in good working condition with woven mesh floor in the catching pens. The working area for the wool bins and woolpress is fully concreted. There is a Lister motor to drive the overhead gear and a large generator/alternator that supplies 240 volt power to the shed.

The goat yards are mostly steel portable panels set inside a wire ringlock and barb enclosure. These yards can comfortably work up to 1500 goats at a time. There are 4 large yards with 2 smaller force yards, a draft and 2 catching pens. There is a frame where a tarpaulin covers the working area.

Homestead & Quarters: The large well maintained homestead has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom/toilet, living area with kitchen and walk in store room, office, school room and a large entertaining room in the  centre of the house. The house is vinyl clad, has a large screened verandah, steel stumps and is set in a large garden with lawn and trees.

The homestead is partially air-conditioned with a split system in the kitchen/living area, large evaporative air-conditioner for 3 bedrooms, a new refrigerated A/C in the main bedroom and an old box A/C in the small bedroom. The kitchen/living area has recently been painted and new floor coverings laid. Smoke alarms are installed and a new power box has been fitted. All electrical wiring is to industry standard and include safety switches.

There is excellent staff/guest accommodation on Wando with 6 buildings all on steel stumps, that can sleep up to 14 people. The main building consists of corrugated iron exterior that is fully lined and insulated with living/dining area (split A/C), full kitchen, bathroom and toilet/laundry. It is joined to a large 2 bedroom donga that has refrigerated air-conditioning.

Other buildings include;

  • Corrugated iron single room quarters (refrigerated A/C) – ceiling lined and insulated, with shower, toilet and enclosed verandah.
  • Weatherboard single quarters with shower, toilet and enclosed verandah
  • Larger weather board cottage with shower, toilet and enclosed verandah
  • Corrugated iron ablution building with shower /toilet laundry
  • Two bedroom donga in good condition with refrigerated A/C

Shed & Buildings: The shed closest to the homestead has a fully concreted workshop area and two bays to park vehicles in. The second shed beside the raised car ramp has parking space for 3 vehicles. This shed also has three stables that have been converted to parking bays for an additional two vehicles and motor bikes.  The shipping container with a roof beside the cattle yards is used to store stable gear and other items, while the other shipping container is used for chemical and extra storage. Included in the sale will be approximately 240 litres of Fireball 400 and 60 litres of Buffer 700 wetting agent for spraying Prickly Acacia.

The old steel frame quarters near the woolshed has been gutted and is now used to house the body truck. Three overhead fuel tanks are included in the sale. The mincer and bandsaw that are in the meat house are also included in the sale.

Carrying Capacity:  Wando is estimated to comfortably run 600 breeders or sheep/goat equivalent in an average season. The vendors have been running a mix of Charolais breeders with  progeny, 2000 sheep and 600 goats in recent years. The stocking numbers are adjusted as the seasonal conditions dictates.

Livestock & Plant: Wando Station will be offered for sale with a list of plant, equipment and materials.

The purchaser will have the option to purchase approximately 416 cattle, 2000 sheep and 1400 goats at market valuation. Vendor will need to continue with the usual livestock sales program unless the property is sold in the near future.

All the goats were processed through the yards on the 19th January 2023 with the kids being marked. Placed back into their paddock were 585 nannies, 16 Boer billys, 28 large wether goats, 381 freshly marked wether kids and 405 freshly marked nanny kids. Total of 1415 goats with 135% kids marked.

The cattle have also been through the yards in the last two weeks with the calves having been marked. The following cattle are at the Wando additional area;

Vindex paddock – 118 cows, 3 Palgrove bulls, 31 weaners & 61 fresh branded calves

Newlands paddock – 27 #0 cows, 65 #1 cows, 3 bulls & 30 fresh branded calves

The following cattle are on the Wando house block;

Harriet Creek paddock – 49 #2 unjoined heifers

Aerodrome paddock – 5 CFA cows & calves, 19 steers

The following, are the Merino sheep numbers that were taken when jetting occurred;

North Bore paddock:

575 mixed age 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 year old running with 12 Boonooke rams and 15 teaser     wethers

O’Brien’s Creek paddock:

570 mixed age 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 year old ewes running with 13 Boonooke rams and 15 teaser wethers

Whistler paddock:

67 mixed age show ewes, 1 Boonooke ram, 28 wethers & 18 cull two year old ewes

Durham Paddock:

517 mixed sex weaners & 175 two year old wethers

Merino ewes in North Bore, O’Brien’s Creek and Whistler paddock are due to start lambing on the 10th March. Crutching scheduled for end January where the count will be updated.

Asking Price: The asking price for the Wando house block is $4,150,000 with the additional area going to auction within a couple of months. The asking price will include an extensive list of plant, equipment, materials, furniture and house hold goods and this will be available prior to  inspections. The purchaser will have the opportunity to purchase the livestock at market valuation if they so desire.

Agents Remarks: This is a great opportunity to purchase a very well-positioned Mitchell grass downs property that has capacity to run either/or a cattle, sheep or goat enterprise. A property that would be ideal for either breeding, backgrounding or fattening cattle, sheep or goats.

100% usable quality country with rich fertile soils that produce plenty of kilograms of produce at a low cost. Tick free country in a 400 mm rainfall district. There is a very good body of fresh Mitchell, Flinders and Buffel grass as well as summer herbages.