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‘Baratria, Hartree & Clyde’ – Winton / Longreach

Expressions of Interest - Close date: Thursday 17th November, 2022

Property Size

74,447.53ha Freehold



Expression of Interest: Closing date: Thursday 17th November 2022

Properties can be purchased as one lot or individually with each property contingent on the sale of the other two.
Properties can be purchased either bare or with the attached list of cattle, plant, equipment and materials.

Overview: The Baratria aggregation comprises three adjoining properties, Baratria, Hartree and Clyde which are located approximately 65km from Winton and 115km from Longreach in a tick free area. Clyde and Baratria have direct access to the Landsborough Highway with Hartree having access from the Chorregon/Melrose road as well as the Morella/Vergemont road. These properties are ideal for breeding, backgrounding or fattening and have very good access to the live export cattle markets through Townsville or Cloncurry as well as the meatworks, feedlots and the store cattle markets to the south.

The aggregation is lightly stocked with just under three thousand head of cattle currently being run. They are comprised of approximately 1587 cows, 364 #1 unjoined heifers, 27 bulls, 23 steers and 959 mixed sex #2 weaners. The aggregation would comfortably run an additional 4000 to 5000 head of cattle as around 68% of the properties are presently un-stocked.

The Baratria aggregation is best described as 60,000* ha of Mitchell/Flinders grass open undulating downs country; 8,200* ha of semi-open sweet pebbly Boree, Leopardwood, Gidgee country; 2,500* ha of Gidgee timbered broken gully country; 2,050* ha of heavy Gidgee timbered areas and 500* ha of range or escarpment country interspersed with approximately 8,500* ha of heavily grassed channels and sweet light carrying claypans along approximately 116* km of channels.

* Please note these measurements are taken from Google Earth and are only approximates.

The properties are well watered with over 28 dams, 12 turkey nests, 18 tanks, 72 troughs and numerous seasonal and semi-permanent waterholes along the many channels. Baratria owns a 2/3 share in the Chorregon Trust bore that was drilled in 2005 to a depth of 1171 metres, which can be pumped at 9,000 litres per hour. Water from this bore is piped through an extensive network of predominantly 75 & 63mm poly pipe to turkey nest, tanks and troughs on Clyde and to Lot 2 SP167154 & Lot 4 MO10 on Baratria. Numerous dams and waterholes in the channels back up this water system. Richards Dam, is the main water source for Hartree as the water is pumped through-out the extensive network of pipelines to turkey nests, tanks & troughs. Many other dams, seasonal waterholes as well as the Rimbanda Bore back up this water system.

The pasture is a very good mix of sweet fresh spring/summer herbages, hayed off winter herbages, Buffel grass along channels and a good body of Mitchell grass that is greening up following 50mm of rain over the past month.

There are three good sets of steel cattle yards that are well positioned throughout the aggregation. The woolshed and steel sheep yards, located at the Hartree homestead complex are in fair condition and can be made workable without too much trouble. Most of the older fencing throughout the properties are dual purpose sheep/cattle fencing while the newer fencing has been mostly 4 barbs. There is a new exclusion fence erected along the boundary with Tucson and Newlands.

There is a great mix of quality soils on the aggregation with the majority being productive heavy carrying, fertile, self-mulching chocolate and red pebbly Mitchell grass downs country. This is backed up with the lighter carrying but quick responding sweet pebbly red soils in the lightly timbered Boree and Gidgee country and the large areas of fertile sweet flood-out channel country.

Baratria has had 375mm and Hartree 360mm of rainfall so far this year, which is just under the 400mm or 16 inch long term Winton/Longreach district average. The season is excellent as most of the rain this year has fallen since the end of March.

Total Freehold Area: 74,170 ha (Approx 183,278 Acres)

Use of Permit to Occupy & Reserve: 1,390 ha (Approx 3,435 Acres)

Use of Stock Route on Clyde: 1,463 ha (Approx 3,615 Acres)

Local Government: Longreach Regional Council
Rates: $36,579.94 Half Yearly Notice
Rent: $2,149.95 Annual Land Rent