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96 VGQ HGP Free Vendor Bred Brahman & Crossbred Steers

Auctionsplus Thursday 28th March




Brahman, Brangus, Charbray, Charolais, Crossbred, Purebred


0 tooth (less than 20mths)



Weight Range (kg)

275 - 385 Kg To Average 339.6 Kg


96 VGQ HGP Free Vendor Bred Brahman & Crossbred Steers. Majority Exhibit Very Good Bone, Length, Depth and Frame for their age, with Tidy Heads & Good Feet. They will grow into VGQ Heavy Feeders or Bullocks suitable to draft up for Domestic, Heavy Export & Live Export Markets. Bred in GQ Forest Country, they will power ahead on softer country. There are 61 Steers with Defined Humps or Heavy Brahman influence, 26 Flatbacks & 9 Soft Crossbreds suitable for the Supermarket Trade. There are 18 Steers with Flybite marks (see photo 22 for average & 23 for worst case), 1 x Steer with 1 x Chewed Ear (photo 24) & 1 x Steer with a fist sized waterbag in his purse (photo 25). There were no visible tick at assessment & vendor guarantees clearance on property with a backline & scratch. Please note that Steers had been in hand for 2 days prior to weighing full. Vendor would prefer to load after the 8th of April if possible. Steers are PCAS Eligible.