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84 VGQ Vendor Bred Angus Steers

Auctionsplus Weaner Sale Friday 14th June




Angus, Purebred


0 tooth (less than 20mths)



Weight Range (kg)

375 - 419 Kg To Av 400.2 Kg (full)


84 VGQ HGP Free Vendor Bred Angus Steers. They Exhibit Very Good Bone, Length, Depth and Frame for their age and have Good Feet. Highly Regarded Cattle that are ideal to finish on Grass, Crop or Grain for an Angus Program into Export & Domestic Markets. Steers were weaned off their mothers 7 – 10 days prior to assessment with 40% paddocked before assessment & 60% held in yards on good quality oaten hay. They will all be paddocked between assessment & delivery so will be ready to go for purchaser. There were 3 Steers observed with small white patches on their underline, 2 steers observed with 1 blue eye on their near side eye & 1 Steer with a skin growth on his eye (see photo). Steers are PCAS Eligible. Aldingham has no Prickly Acacia in the paddocks the steers came out of. Vendor has another 4 decks of heavier Steers in the same sale. *Payment Terms until 15th July to “approved” Buyers until who ring Jack Brodie prior to auction 0437188636.*