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490 VGQ SIL Australian White & Dorper Cross Ewes

Auctionsplus Sheep Sale Tuesday 23rd January




Dorper, Crossbred, Australian-white



Weight Range (kg)

42 - 84 Kg To Average 63.7 Kg


490 VGQ Australian White & Dorper Cross SIL Ewes. Majority have Very Good Length, Depth & Frame. They were SIL from 1.5 – 3.5 months at assessment & were joined to VGQ “Springdale & Highveld” Rams. They are 2 – 9 years of age with 50% of them under 4 years of age. Ideal Ewes to Lamb down, split & fatten with the younger portion suitable to retain for a few more years. Approx 95% are Vendor Bred with the remainder purchased in. Approx 30% are Black, Brown or have some Colouring on their body with the remainder White. Approx 90% of the Ewes have not been Tail Docked. These Ewes had a big curfew, getting mustered, drafted & scanned in the 24 hours prior to assessment without access to feed & water, so should pick up a bit more by delivery. The lighter conditioned Ewes had Lambs weaned off them at assessment. Vendor has another 580 Australian White Mixed Sex Lambs in the Lamb Sale. Antibiotic Free. *Vendor would appreciate prompt pickup with wet weather forecast.*