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300 GQ Australian White & Dorper Cross Ewes & 39 Lambs

Auctionsplus Sheep Sale Tuesday 5th March


Ewe, Lamb


Dorper, Crossbred, Australian-white


300 X 39

Weight Range (kg)

Ewes 40 - 89 Kg To Av 56.4 Kg / Lambs 19 - 42 Kg To Av 28.2 Kg


300 GQ Australian White & Dorper Cross Ewes & 39 Lambs at foot. Ideal Long Term Breeder Ewes that will produce a good article for the lucrative Lamb Trade. They are 1.5 – 10 years of age with 90% of them made up of Young Red & Yellow Tag Ewes (2 – 3 years of age). Approx 90% are Vendor Bred with the remainder purchased in. Approx 26% are Black, 10% Brown or have some Colouring on their body with the remainder White. Approx 5% of the Ewes have not been Tail Docked. The Lambs range from 19 – 42 kg & are by VGQ Australian White & White Dorper Rams. The Ewes have been running with the same Rams continuously. There were 20% of the Ewes weighed & assessed & the whole mob was run up into a smaller force to double check tag colours & breed makeup for buyer confidence. Vendor has another 160 Ewe Lambs in the same Sale. These are an entire Flock Dispersal with a realistic reserve.