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25 GQ Young PTIC Cows & Heifers

Auctionsplus Eastern States Sale Friday 12th July


Heifers, Cows


Angus, Braford, Brahman, Brangus, Crossbred, Droughtmaster, Hereford, Purebred, Santa Gertrudis, Other



Weight Range (kg)

351 - 572 Kg To Av 465.4 Kg (full)


25 GQ PTIC Crossbred Cows & Heifers. There are 16 Wet Cows that have had Weaners removed at assessment & are PTIC to Simmental & Angus Bulls with their 2nd or 3rd calf. These Young Cows are in their prime & have raised a Weaner every year in a control mated program since joining as yearlings. There are 7 Cows that are 3 – 6 months PTIC (Bangtailed) & 9 Cows that are 2 – 3 months PTIC (Feathertailed). The 9 Maiden No.3 Heifers are PTIC 3 – 6 months (Bangtailed) to the neighbours Shorthorn Bull. The Cows weighed 426 – 572 kg to av 502.3 kg in store condition & the Heifers weighed 351 – 472 kg to av 399.6 kg (full). Refer to photos for traits in above table. Wando has Prickly Acacia however not much seed is present & Cows will be held in Winton Saleyards until delivery so should pass any viable seed. There are 5 decks of Station Mated Cows & Weaners in same sale & half a deck of Weaners in Weaner sale located in Saleyards as well. *Please refer to delivery comments for purchaser costs.*