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1 Deck of Mixed Sex Charolais Cross Weaners

Steers $3.00/kg Heifers $2.20/Kg




Charbray, Charolais, Crossbred


0 tooth (less than 20mths)


Approximately 18 steers and 14 heifers that look to range from 220-330kg and average about 270kg. They are located on the McKinlay Common  and are still on their mothers. 20 of these weaners were branded in October last year and the other 12 were branded at the end of April this year so they will range in age from 6-12 months. There is another 15 smaller calves that could be available if client decides to wean a few more younger calves at sale time.

These photos were taken two months ago and are only of the 20 bigger #3 weaners. As you see from the photos these weaners are very good quality, very well muscled calves that should grow into great feeder steers and heifers. They are tidy around the head and have good feet. One steer had a small water ball. Their mothers are only second calf heifers so are doing a fantastic job on their calves.

If possible I could try and work the 1 deck onto a truck going south east of McKinlay if buyer was interested.