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Maranie – Stamford – 12,119.8 ha (29,948 ac)




Property Size

11,659.8 Ha






Low Maintenance Fattening / Backgrounding Property Stamford


Maranie is situated 20km east of Stamford, 82km south of Hughenden and 170km north of Winton. There is 20km of unsealed road from the Maranie house to the Kennedy Developmental Highway. Maranie is in an ideal position to capitalise on the live export market to the north and the meat works, feedlots and the store markets to the south; Maranie is tick free.


Rural power, telephone, satellite TV and twice weekly mail service from Hughenden. There are liveweight weighing yards and rail trucking facilities at both Hughenden and Winton.  Hughenden has all rural services such as shopping, primary & secondary education, government agency and medical facilities.

Area & Tenure:

Maranie: 11,659.8 ha (28,811 acres) Grazing Homestead Perpetual Lease in the Shire of Flinders.

Lot 1 CM71: GHPL 23/16457

Permit to Occupy: 460 ha (1,137 acres) Stock Route LC AP6605: PO 220258

Rates: $2,279.09 quarterly

Rent:   $6,538.94 annually

Annual Water Fee for use of Stock Route Water Facility: $447.84


450 mm or 18 inch long term Stamford district average.


The country is best described as predominately gentle undulating Mitchell and Flinders grass downs country with Dingo, Coolibah & Shanty creek systems running through the property.  There is a very good scattering of Buffel grass along the creek systems and out on the tighter ridges. At present there is a very good body of summer herbages and forbs such as Pig Weed, Button Grass, Rosella Bush, Cow & Onion Vine as well as Native Indigo, Verbine and Summer grass growing alongside the Mitchell, Flinders and Buffel grass. Very beneficial rainfall of between 25 to 80mm fell over the Easter weekend. This recent rainfall and the fact that Maranie is not stocked at present is allowing the feed to grow very well. It is very high quality pasture but at present, still light carrying, due to the fact that approximately 40% of the property was eaten bare by grasshoppers in February and early March.

The open downs country is lightly timbered with Whitewood, Vinetree and Mimosa with Coolibah trees along the creek systems. There is very little to no Prickly Acacia. Vendors diligently spot spray each year to control any fresh outbreaks.


Maranie is watered by an Artesian house bore that was drilled in January 1900. This bore has now ceased to flow.  Currently, water is pumped by a submersible pump into the turkey nest near the bore. Water is then pumped by a transfer pump through 2-inch poly pipeline to a large turkey nest in 503 Paddock. Water is gravity fed to all tanks and troughs on Maranie. The bore supplies water to the homestead, cattleyards, four 5,000 gallon poly tanks and 12 troughs – all of which have concrete aprons.

Maranie also gets water through 1.5 inch poly pipe to two troughs off the turkey nest at the Stock Route bore. This water is taken under the Woodsberry Water Facility Agreement – W0373 with the Flinders Shire Council, Hughenden. This facility is maintained by the Council with an annual fee of $447.84.

There are 9 dams ranging in size from 6,000 to 30,000 cubic metres, as well as several short-term water holes along the creeks. Many of these dams have been cleaned out in the last 5 to 8 years. The majority of the dams are quite low at present. Every main paddock has both dam and piped bore water making Maranie a safely watered property.


The majority of the internal fencing is in good condition consisting mostly of 5 plain and 1 barb or 3 barbs. The boundary fencing is mostly 3 barbs and is in good to very good condition with only a small section considered to be in poor but stock-proof condition. The majority of the boundary fence has been renewed with 3 barb in the last 10 years. There are 7 main paddocks and 3 holding paddocks.


The cattle yards are mainly railway iron with three round rails and heavy mesh. The working area and pressure point are railway iron post with steel rails. The yards are very well equipped with a Breckon Pneumatic Squeeze crush, calf cradle, crows nest drafting facility and a double deck loading ramp with a long race. The crush and drafting area are under cover and the yards also have water troughs and a sprinkler system.


There is a large steel shed with a concrete floor as well as an older vehicle / storage shed. The old woolshed and steel sheep yards have not been used for many years therefore are in poor condition.


The homestead is double storey with three bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs. There is a toilet and bathroom both upstairs and downstairs. The homestead would require repairs and maintenance if there were plans for  the house to be lived in on a fulltime basis

Carrying Capacity:

Vendor estimates up to 1,200 dry cattle ranging in size from weaners to heavy feeders or equivalent, in an average season.

Livestock & Plant:

Will be offered bare of livestock, plant & equipment.

Agents Remarks:

Maranie is well regarded as a good carrying property that is in close proximity to the large breeding properties to the north and north-west. The Hughenden and Winton saleyards and rail trucking facilities make it an ideal property to background or fatten store cattle.  Very good weight gains are experienced from this quality country in most seasons. It is a very good mix of country with pebbly open undulating downs, heavy carrying grey and chocolate cracking soils running down to several small creek systems. There is very little to no Prickly Acacia. Vendors diligently spot spray each year to control any fresh outbreaks. Enjoying a late finish to an ordinary summer season that had limited rainfall and was hit hard with grasshoppers. The good rain event over the Easter weekend and being unstocked has allowed good pasture growth. Maranie would comfortably carry 750 to 800 weaners until the end of the year. 

Asking Price:   


Contact Selling Agents Bill Schaefer  0437 881 221  or  Tom Brodie  0428 712 095.