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300 km North of Cloncurry

6 – 12 decks of Steers, Mickies and Heifers.

Have a Look and Make an Offer.


Brahman, Charbray, Charolais, Crossbred, Droughtmaster


0 tooth (less than 20mths)


Mustering is still in progress so will not know final numbers until after the 9th of October. Please note these photos are from the first round this year and I would expect this mob to be a bit lighter in condition. Vendor expects about 250-300 steers/mickies and 200 – 250 heifers and they should be available for sale and ready for delivery by Tuesday 10th October. These vendor bred, HGP free weaners are located 120 km West of Burke and Wills Roadhouse.

The steers/ mickies will probably be 150-250 kg and average about 190 kg. The heifers will probably range from 140-250 kg and average about 180 kg. There are a few bigger weaner, the odd bigger micky over 250kg and some smaller poddy looking weaners, but you could reject these.

The weaners are usually about 50% Charbray, 25-30 % Droughtmaster/ Brahman X and about 20-25% Brahmans. These are ideal light weight steers, mickies and heifers that will not cost much and you could put 150kg on them over the wet and sell them into the live Export feeder market as most are clean coated Crossbreds or Brahmans.