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96 VGQ PTIC Brangus Cross Cows

$2200 + GST




Angus, Brahman, Brangus, Charbray, Crossbred, Wagyu


0-2 tooth (18-20mths)4 tooth (24- 30mths)4-6 tooth (30-36mths)8 tooth (36mths+)



Weight Range (kg)

369 - 672 Kg To Average 497.2 Kg


96 VGQ PTIC Brangus Cross Cows. Majority Exhibit Good Bone, Length, Depth and Frame. Ideal Long Term Breeding Females from a Highly Regarded, Control Mated Herd. There are 81% under 6 years of age with the remainder under 10 years of age. They are all Vendor Bred with the exception of 1 purchased in No.9 Brangus Cow. They were joined to VGQ “Woodbine” Brangus Bulls with 51 head 4 – 7 months PTIC & 45 head 1 – 4 months PTIC. Majority of the Cows had Weaners pulled off them 7 weeks ago with the exception of 21 No.1 Heifers & a couple of Dry Cows. All Mature Cows have reared a calf every year in a 3 month joining window since their first joining as Yearling Heifers. They have Tidy Heads, Good Feet & are Very Quiet. There are 16 Brindle Cows, 2 Cows with Blue Eye Scarring in 1 Eye & 1 Cow with Flybite Rub Marks on her neck. Peronne is Prickly Acacia Free.