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Julia Creek

58 Station Mated Heifers

AuctionsPlus - Eastern States Cattle Sale, Friday 8th December


58 Vendor Bred Heifers that averaged 359.3 kg at assessment. The heifers were pregtested by owner at assessment and there was 13 PTIC over 4 month (full bangtail), 13 PTIC under 4 months (half bangtail) and 32 NDP (long tail). There has been Charbray and Brangus bulls from Broadlands running with heifers up until preg testing, so I would expect there would be more just in calf. The heifers are all one brand and the 20 we mouthed were all milk teeth except 3 that had 2 teeth. There is 7 heifer that are aged brand #3’s and the rest are #2’s The Brahman heifers in the mob were mostly greys and honey but there was 7 brindles and blacks in the mob. 8 of the heifers had noticeable fly bite and 1 had a long navel. The heifers are located in the tick zone but there is no visible tick on them. If going to clean country they can be cleared on property. Vendor will pay for clearing costs and will guarantee clearance.
Please call me regarding the chance of getting 2 decks as far as Rockhampton.