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Julia Creek

50 VGQ Young Vendor Bred Santa Cows and Calves

$3,000 delivered Winton


Cows, Calves


Santa Gertrudis


50 Cows And Calves


50 Very Good quality predominantly young vendor bred Santa Cows and Calves located 65 km North of Julia Creek that are only getting sold due to the season. They are predominantly young with 75% being from 3-6 year old, 18% are 7 and 8 year old and 7% are over 8 year old. There is 1 grey Brahman Cow and the rest are Santa Cows that have all been rejoined to very good quality Gyranda and Forest Park purebred Santa Bulls.

The very good quality calves are made up of 27 heifers and 23 male calves. 1 steer and 1 heifer  calf have been branded and the rest are unbranded. Fromm the photos you see the calves are from new born to about 2 months of age.

1 cow was observed with long toes and and a price adjustment can be made at delivery. These cows and calves are located North of the tick line and even though they have no tick on them, they will need clearing of tick before they can travel to clean country. Vendor is prepared to clear of tick at their expense and this can be done either on farm or if going to NSW they will need to go through the dip in Julia Creek. The paddock where the cows are running has no Prickly Acacia.

The vendor preg tested all the dry cows and there is another 16 cows PTIC and 24 PTE cows available for sale.

Asking $3000 + GST for cow and calf. (Vendor would be prepared to deliver Winton)