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45 VGQ CFA PTIC Crossbred Cows

Auctionsplus Eastern States Sale Friday 3rd June




Braford, Crossbred, Santa Gertrudis


4-6 tooth (30-36mths)8 tooth (36mths+)9 years



Weight Range (kg)

504 - 696 Kg To Average 615.7 Kg


45 VGQ CFA PTIC Crossbred Cows. They Exhibit Very Good Bone, Length, Depth and Frame. Ideally suited to calve down, split & fatten with VGQ progeny inside of them & a big frame to hang up. They are from a Highly Regarded Herd with tidy heads & majority have good feet. They are PTIC 2 – 8 months to VGQ Santa, Braford & Simmental Bulls. There is 1 x 6 Tooth, 5 x 8 Teeth, 33 x Worn Mouths, 4 x Slightly Broken Mouths & 2 x Gummy Mouth Cows. There are 4 Cows with slightly longer toes & 3 Cows with down hips, however it is not affecting their movement. Ingle Downs is Prickly Acacia free. Vendor’s have 2 mobs of Weaner Steers for sale at their other property on the Weaner & Yearling Sale. *Any cow too heavy in calf at delivery will not be loaded.*