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88 Young Crossbred Cows & Calves / PTIC

$700 + GST


Cows, Calves


Braford, Brahman, Crossbred, Droughtmaster, Hereford, Santa Gertrudis


88 Heifers/Cows & 30 Calves At Foot


88 First Calf Heifers with 30 Calves at Foot so far. The Cows weighed 190 – 400 kg to average 287 kg. They are predominantly Hereford crossed with Santa, Droughtmaster or Red Brahman. The Calves are fresh to 3 months old with majority by Santa, Droughtmaster & Red Brahman Bulls with the odd Calf by a Hereford Mickey. The Heifers that haven’t got Calves at foot are from 5 – 8 months PTIC (Bangtailed) or visibly springing.

*Photos & description were taken in mid December 2023.*