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32 x 33 VGQ CFA Charbray Cows & Calves

Auctionsplus Friday 8th December


Cows, Calves


Charbray, Crossbred, Droughtmaster, Other


32 X 33

Weight Range (kg)

Cows 370 - 620 Kg To Av 500 Kg / Calves 30 - 170 Kg To Av 120 Kg


32 x 33 VGQ CFA Charbray Cows & Calves. Majority Exhibit Very Good Bone, Length, Depth and Frame. They have Good Feet, majority have Tidy Heads & they are Quiet in the paddock. The Cows look to have a curfewed weight of 370 – 620 kg to average approx 500 kg. I consider 2 x Cows Medium Frame (Roma Heifers), with the rest Large Frame. The Calves are 2 – 5 months old & are by Simmental, Angus, Charbray & Braford Bulls to average approx 120 kg. There are 15 Steer Calves & 18 Heifer Calves. There were 30 x 30 purchased off Auctionsplus in Mid October with a further 3 x 3 purchased from Roma Saleyards to fill decks on way home. 1 Cow has since died & another calf looks to be mismothered, so there are 2 x Poddy looking Calves included. *Sale price will be for 32 Cows with all calves given in.* Vendor purchased cattle to retain until next year however agistment paddock has fallen through & are now being reoffered. Please give me a call if you require further information.