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25 GQ Xbred Cows & Calves



Cows, Calves, Weaners





Weight Range (kg)

Cows 316-574kg, Calves 93-208kg

Other Info

*Situated in Ticky Area (no ticks visible upon inspection)

* Average cow weight 487.5kg (overnight wet curfew)

*Average Calf weight 129.2kg

*12 HFR calves, 13 Bull calves

*1 1st calf heifer


25 Predominantly 6-10 yr old cows with calves, these cows are highly fertile and are doing a terrific job on their calves. They are only being sold due to being out of Vendor’s chosen calving window the cows are all tidy in the heads either Poll, Scur or Dehorned and most of the calves are polled. they have been running back with the popplewell composite bull and are a good article trade with or split calves off later while being young enough to calve out and rejoin for another few years . The cattle are very quiet and easy to handle upon inspection and have been well educated.