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22 GQ Vendor Bred Crossbred Weaner Heifers

$1.40 kg + GST Negotiable




Angus, Brahman, Brangus, Crossbred, Droughtmaster, Santa Gertrudis


0 tooth (less than 20mths)



Weight Range (kg)

182 - 324 Kg To Av 259.8 Kg


22 GQ Vendor Bred Xbred Heifers. They weighed 182 – 324 kg to average 259.8 kg after an 18 hour curfew off feed & water. There are 20 Heifers by a Brangus Mickey over VGQ Large Frame Santa & Droughtmaster Cross Cows. The other 2 x Heifers are by a Braford Mickey. None of them show any Hump but there are 8 of them with stronger Brahman characteristics. There are 11 x Brindles & 2 x Black Coloured Heifers. They have been weaned as well as backlined with Baymec, so are ready to go for prospective purchaser. They have good feet, tidy heads & will have plenty of compensatory weight gain on good feed. They are suitable to breed from or grow out to feeder or slaughter weights.