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21 GQ Brangus Cows & 14 Calves at Foot

$1850 per unit & $1300 per PTIC


Cows, Calves


Angus, Brangus, Crossbred


21 X 14


21 GQ Young No.0 Brangus Cows & 14 Calves at foot. They are Medium to Large frame & look like they will fatten to average around 520/530 kg. At the end of January there were 14 Branded Calves at foot by VGQ Angus Bulls. The cows were joined to the same Angus bulls continuously up until October last year & have since been joined to VGQ Braford Bulls. The 7 Dry Cows had big Weaners pulled off at branding in January & they can be preg tested at delivery for purchaser. Any PTE Dry Cows will be left out of deal. *Photos & description were taken end of January.*

$1850 + GST per Cow/Calf Unit

$1300 + GST per PTIC Cows