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2 x Lots of 126 Brahman and Brahman Cross Weaned Steers

AuctionsPlus Weaner & Yearling Sale, Friday, 5th August 2022






0 tooth (less than 20mths)



Weight Range (kg)

172 Kgs - 380 Kgs


126 weaned HGP free steers that at assessment ranged from 172 – 380kg and averaged 228 kg. I assessed 252 in the mob and have put them up on AuctionsPlus in 2 lots of 126 head. At delivery I will make sure the mob is split evenly. Since weaning these steers have been running on red spinifex country that has dried outs and a good compensatory weight gain could be expected. Of the 126 steers there is approximately 99 greys, 14 red and honey and 13 black and brindle. Most of the steers have been well dehorned and the few with horns are only small weaner horns. Their temperament is very good and they have been well handled. There is 3 family brands in the mob. These steers would ideally be suited to go onto good feed and grow into feeder steers for domestic market or live export. The steers are located in tick area and if going to tick free country, they will be cleared of tick on property at vendors expense. If going into NSW or NT they will need to be plunged dipped in Cloncurry at vendors expense. Delivery is on farm 106 km North of Cloncurry