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150 VGQ Santa Cross Cows & 24 Calves

$2500 + GST for PTIC & Wet Cows


Cows, Calves


Crossbred, Purebred, Santa Gertrudis


150 X 24


Approx 150 VGQ Santa & Santa Cross Cows & 24 Calves. The Cows look to weigh approx 450 – 700 kg to average around 540/550 kg in Forward Store to Prime condition. They are best described as Large Frame with a handful of Medium Frame Cows amongst them. At inspection there was 1 x Angus Cross, 1 x Blonde Aquitaine/Santa Cross & 3 x Santa/Brahman Cross Cows observed with the remainder straight Santas. Majority were purchased as Heifers with a handful of Vendor Bred Cows included as well. They have been running continuously with VGQ Angus Bulls. Majority had big weaners pulled off them in mid July but would expect most to be back in calf due to the good season. There are approx 4 x Young No.8’s, 25 x No.6’s, 86 x No.5’s & 35 x No.3’s. The Calves are fresh to 180 kg & by the same Bulls the Cows have been running with. Vendor is happy to Preg Test the Cows & only sell the Pregnant & Wet Cows at the listed price with PTE Dry Cows left out of the deal. The Angus Bulls are also available to purchase if required.