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146 VGQ HGP Free Vendor Bred Crossbred Weaner Steers

Auctionsplus Weaner & Yearling Sale Friday 3rd June


Steers, Weaners


Braford, Crossbred, Santa Gertrudis


0 tooth (less than 20mths)



Weight Range (kg)

231 - 334 Kg To Average 290.9 Kg


146 VGQ HGP Free Vendor Bred Soft Crossbred Steers. They Exhibit Very Good Bone, Length, Depth and Frame for their age. These Steers will grow into VGQ Feeder or Slaughter Steers suitable for Domestic & Export Markets. They are quiet, have tidy heads, good feet & are from a Highly Regarded Herd. Approx 60% were weaned at the start of May with the remainder weaned this week. They were back lined with Ivermectin the day before assessment & will be tailed out between assessment & delivery so will be ready to roll for the purchaser. There is 1 Steer with a golf ball sized lump in his navel, 1 Steer with a cricket ball sized water bag purse, 1 Steer with fresh pinkeye & 1 Steer with a slightly twisted nose (see photos). Vendors have another 2 decks of Heavier Steers in the same sale & 45 Cows in the Eastern States Sale. *Some of the heavier steers in these photos will be included in the heavier mob at delivery. Any questions please ring assessor.*