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100 Vendor Bred Hereford Cross Cows & 60 Calves

$2000 + GST for Wet Cows & $1400 + GST for PTIC Cows


Cows, Calves


Braford, Crossbred, Droughtmaster, Hereford, Purebred, Santa Gertrudis


100 X 60


100 Vendor Bred Hereford Cross Cows & approx 60 Calves at foot. Most of the Cows don’t have age brands but majority would range from 2 – 10 years of age. Approx 30% of the Wet Cows were weighed from 270 – 450 kg to average 360 kg. Approx 25% of the Dry Cows were weighed from 316 – 700 kg to average 469 kg. The Cows are approx 30% Hereford, 30% Hereford Cross, 15% Santa Cross, 15% Shorthorn Cross & 10% Droughtmaster Cross. Approx 20% of the Calves were weighed from 60 – 256 kg to average 125 kg. The Calves are by GQ Santa, Droughtmaster, Brahman & Hereford Bulls. The Cows have been running with the same bulls continuously up until the last 4 months, when they have been de-pastured with Angus Bulls. There will be a few cows with rounded off hips & blue eye scarring.

Cows are available for paddock inspection & will need to be delivered around the 20th of May TBC.