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“Mutti” Jundah – Finishing Country

Recent rain and excellent improvements

$3.5 million with some early access

ID #413

Property Description

Interested in this listing or have any questions? Please contact using info below:

Josh Phelps

  • T: 07 4657 0694 Winton Office
  • M: 0407 147 451

Very well improved finishing country

Area:  30,561.9 hectares Lot4930 Crown plan ph212 Parish Catherko/Mutti county Warbreccan ph28/4930

Location: Approx 230km south of Longreach, 40km NW of Jundah via the Winton road and 75km W of Stonehenge. Good gravel access from both directions.

Country: 75,500 acres of predominately sweet pebbly downs country lightly interspersed with scattered Gidgea and Boree. Mutti is and outstanding finishing block .

Water: Mutti is watered by one central bore and 12 dams. Most dams have been enlarged in the last 3 years. 3 larger dams are fenced off and 1 equipped with solar pump. The bore is also equipped with solar pumping to 4 x 5000gallon water tanks and gravity feeding to troughs.

Fencing: Fencing is from new to strong stock proof condition. Most of the internal fencing is 6 wire (5 plain 1 barb) with some of the newer fences being 3-4 barb construction. 25km of boundary has been renewed recently.

Improvements/stockyards: Very tidy 3 bedroom home with A/C throughout. The home has been recently painted and is very well maintained. There is also a 2 bedroom workers cottage and 8 bedroom shearing shed both in good condition. The 5 bay machinery shed includes a concreted workshop and vehicle service stand. There is also an aeroplane hanger with oil drum stand.

The homestead complex is powered by a 17kva solar power facility with backup automated Kabota generator.

There is a shearing shed with adjacent sheep yards in good working order.

There are 2 sets of cattleyards on the property. Both are of steel construction and in excellent condition.

Rainfall: Approx 12 inches per annum

Carrying Capacity: 1000 – 1500AE season dependant

Asking Price: 3.5 million

Agents comments: Having recently recieved 3-4 inches of rain Mutti presents in good condition with the capacity to grow and finish cattle. It is also excellent wool growing country and with little work could be converted back to a sheep enterprise. Its ease of management and excellent improvements allow the potential buyer quick returns from minimal outlay.

The vendor will offer the successful purchaser early access for 500 AE and/or the option to purchase a further 600hd of store steers (currently on the property) at the signing of an unconditional contract or finance approval.


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